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At, we pick up where diagnosis and treatment leave off. That is, what happens AFTER the dust settles and you go home and they CAN'T fix what's wrong or the fix is tough to live with.

Life happens. Illness happens. In fact, illness will eventually be inevitable for all of us. As the Baby Boom ages, we are becoming aware that living with illness is already a reality for more and more people. Illness in America is still "in the closet." How? Conventional wisdom says if illness has to happen at all, illness should be overcome, fixed, and left behind. We have few role models and few realistic stories about living with a less-than-perfect body, or less-than-perfect health. How we choose to deal with the cards that life gives us is what this site is all about. Whether it is through humor (sometimes the best medicine), support, or just increasing awareness of the diseases themselves, hopes to empower people to live their lives to the fullest. This is where humor, support, patient-to-patient interaction can make the difference. A portion of our proceeds from every shirt helps support a charitable organization related to the shirt's design. Take a minute and read our testimonials.

WHO WE ARE was conceived and developed by Westby and Diane Fisher. Westby (Wes) Fisher, MD, FACC is a board certified cardiac electrophysiologist, cardiologist, and internist practicing at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, IL. Diane G Fisher, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice with offices in Evanston and Chicago. Together they started this site in May, 2005 to help provide inspiration and levity to chronic medical conditions that don't always get better.


We assure you that we respect your privacy and will not send spam or personal information to ANYONE else without your written permission. We do NOT save credit card information (this is handled by, our distributor.'s privacy statement can be viewed here).

Folks providing suggestions, photos, do so willingly and understand we might use their images on our website (unless, of course they communicate that they would not like this). People offering shirt suggestions that are accepted by our editorial board will be offered an opportunity to review new art incorporating their idea, and if it sells, will receive a shirt with their design free of charge (if desired). As such, any art created based on those ideas will be the property of


We guarantee that 10% of proceeds go to the charity designated in the description of the section or shirt. The remainder goes (for now) to support the expenses to run this site. If our proceeds should exceed our expenses, the overage will be also applied to charities for whom merchandise is earmarked.

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