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Last update: 8 Mar 2009

Here you'll find other sites offering aditional t-shirt designs for other worthy causes, information links, and support sites dedicated to patients with difficult illnesses. We have reviewed these sites and offer them for your benefit. All of them appear the share our interest in promoting chronic disease awareness with support or research desires and occasional humor.

While has no commercial interest in the links provided, the site may garner a commission of 15% of sales produced by referrals to other Cafepress vendors to help defray our expenses.

Health-Related T-Shirt Vendors

Information and News You Can Use
Angel Cove Organ Donor and Transplant Awareness - Great shirts for folks who are or know transplant recipients or donors. - Pediatric Cancer Foundation - Dedicated to eliminate pediatric cancer and provide hope to those who are touched by it. - Another site supporting specifically cancer patients and caregivers. - Online community for kids, family, and adults with diabetes - good information and support network.
March of Dimes - For premature infants and disabled kids. A great cause - An online community for younger women with chronic health issues who want to live their best lives. - Diabetic t-shirts with cool, hip, "phat" sayings. Shirts refect sports and professional themes. - Familial Dysautonomia Hope Foundation - Supports research and therapy for this progressive and fatal neurological disorder that effects the autonomic and sensory nervous systems. - For psoriasis sufferers and friends/family who approach the "heartbreak" with humor and attitude. - Online forum for patients with implantable cardiac defibrillators - established 26 Aug 2005. - Another online forum and information site for pacer and defibrillator patients.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Parental Support Group - For parents of children with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or other inflammatory bowel disease. - Great online forum for folks with pacemakers, and some good ICD information as well. - Good support site for implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) patients.

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